3D Draper

With 3D Draper, you can design clothes both from scratch in 3D and by using CAD patterns created with third-party software. Immediately, two-dimensional patterns can be seen fitted onto different body sizes and shapes, draped and simulated in physically realistic ways, and animated in real-time with various motions to help you judge how the particular fabric and garment fit and behave.


3D design 3D Draping & Fitting

virtual sewing Sewing, Zippers, Buttons, Pleats

2D design 2D Design

  • Drafting: polygons, curves, internal contours, darts, and holes.
  • Editing: points, curves, scaling, move, extend/shortening, mirroring, and unfold.

animation Animation & Scenes

  • Animations
  • Static poses
  • 3D Scenes

Sizes and grading Grading & Sizes

  • Size grades
  • Creating and editing
  • Import from RUL file
  • Trying on