Virtual Fitting for Ecommerce

The triMirror virtual fitting system runs in the cloud and enables fashion ecommerce websites to provide their customers with an instant fit visualization and prediction. That lets customers order online with confidence, increasing conversions and reducing returns of ill-fitting clothes.

The integration of our virtual fitting room with your ecommerce platform is very easy and seamless. It requires the minimal effort of inserting a few lines of Java scripts into your existing web pages.

You customers will appreciate and enjoy both static rendering as well as an animated virtual fitting experience, streamed from the cloud to the user’s browser, no matter the platform, and be it computer- or mobile-based.

It's very easy for a shopper to get started: simply customize the fashion model's looks, general body size and shape, and tweak a few basic measurements.

Example A

In this example you can see a simple way to integrate the triMirror virtual fitting room into a traditional fashion ecommerce site (see the video on the right.)

When you open a detail page for a garment, in addition to the usual information, you can see the fitting simulations of this garment for your avatar, which you can create by entering a few basic measurements. You can see the virtual simulation from different sides and angles, as well as visualize the fabric tension (the tension map,) which indicates whether the garment is tight or loose in different areas on your body.

You can change the size of the garment and see how the tension map changes, or use the "Compare Side-by-Side" option to compare three different sizes side-by-side and pick the one that fits the best.

You can also add different clothes to your virtual dressing room to mix and match tops and bottoms and create various outfits. Play a video both on the detail page and in the dressing room to see the fitting in motion, and share images and videos to your social networks.

Example B

This example shows a more advanced and interactive scenario, where the user receives a real-time stream of the animation and clothes simulation. This allows the user to enjoy a game-like experience and observe the garments in motion with different movements of the avatar. It’s extremely interactive and entertaining, but also very accurate as, in real life, we try on clothes while moving around.