In-Store Virtual Dressing

In-Store System: Large Virtual Mirror

This innovative system attracts windows shoppers and passersby with its store-front display, engages a consumer by an in-store large screen that allows them to create their own shopping personalities (avatars) to try on actual clothing, and lets them instantly share shopping experience with friends, family and social media communities, making it viral. Customers can try on merchandise that’s not in stock or is still in development, and even order customized merchandise. Any shopper, based on saved avatars, can also buy clothes for friends and family.

The system provides size and style recommendations for every unique user. They can zoom in and see the high-definition texture of the garment, see it in transparent mode and how it drapes around the body, and in tension map mode which shows where the garment is tight or loose.

This can be implemented by either using a touch screen or by using a Microsoft Kinect camera to enable gesture control and a higher level of interactivity. In the latter scenario, by adding a Microsoft Kinect camera, the user can use gestures to control the avatar, to select the virtual clothes to try on, and to navigate the rest of the user interface. An attractive operator or model can showcase the system to customers, invite them to try it themselves, and take their measurements to create their customized avatars. Watch this demonstration of triMirror Kinect technology in action in the videos on the right.

In-Store System: Tablet-based

Over the last few months, hardware and software for mobile devices have finally advanced to the level required to achieve the expected performance and aesthetics for fashion try-on and ecommerce. This breakthrough will now allow people to walk into a store, scan the QR code of a garment with their smartphone or tablet, and try it on their avatar saved on the device (or on their friends’/family's avatars,) share it with social networks, get advice in real-time, send retailers business intelligence, get promotions onto the phone, and buy the clothes – all without stepping foot into the fitting room.

This will engage customers into proactive shopping in a game-like experience and guide them to the measurement area for precise measurements for more accurate try-ons and side-by-side comparison of different styles and sizes. For even more personalization, shoppers can put their own faces on the 3D avatars after taking a photo with the tablet camera.

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