Mobile Virtual Fitting

triMirror's platform enables the world's first real-time and interactive virtual fitting mobile application. triMirror's state of the art cloth simulation and client-server technology allows for an accurate and entertaining user experience when trying on clothes. The triMirror virtual fitting mobile application can be for both in-store and at-home use on both phones and tablets – whether it be on iPhone or Android platforms.

Imagine your customers walk into a store, scan the QR code of a garment with their smartphone or tablet, and try it on their avatar saved on the device (or on their friends’/family's avatars,) share it with social networks, get advice in real-time, send retailers business intelligence, get promotions onto the phone, and buy the clothes – all without stepping foot into the fitting room.

Walking down the street, they’ll be able to get a message their phone or tablet that a store around the corner has the dress they've have been looking for and which would fit them perfectly, and then instantly show how it would fit and look. By employing the tension map, customers can see where the garment is tight or loose in different sizes side-by-side, and how it would drape when they move around.

The app is extremely interactive – with your finger, you can even manipulate the fabric in real-time: roll up the sleeves or pants, pull the pants away from the body, pull the shirt off the shoulder, and so on. Sales associates can approach customers with the tablet and quickly create the shopper's avatar based on body shape and size. This will engage customers into proactive shopping in a game-like experience and guide them to the measurement area for precise measurements for more accurate try-ons and side-by-side comparison of different styles and sizes. For even more personalization, shoppers can put their own faces on the 3D avatars after taking a photo with the tablet camera.

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